LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer(Creamy Beige+Orange Corrector) review

Sunday, August 23, 2015 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I first heard about this concealer on Youtube..I think Tati mentioned it in one of her videos.I bought both concealer from Ebay.I bought the creamy beige concealer a few months back while the orange corrector just came out recently.

These concealers are cheap!I actually waited to do this blog post because I ordered another different colour..a dark brown one which people have used for contouring.But it hasn't arrive yet and it's almost two months.-_-

It's only USD 3 but it does a really good job.I also love that it has a soft-brush tip for easy application and it keeps the concealer neat.The brush also keeps the concealer from becoming gloopy.

This orange corrector is used for dark circle/eyebags.I don't have eyebags for yearssss..until I turn 28!Probably because I've been slacking in wearing eye cream.haha.I actually started wearing eye product when I was 16 years old.YUP!Crazy..I know.
My first was a tube of St Ives eye gel.People always ask me how come I've no I have them!It's not that dark though but it still bothers me so I use this corrector sometimes.A tiny bit goes a longggg way.I will layer the creamy beige concealer on top of this.I use the brush below to blend out both concealers.It works very well.

I don't use concealer that often hence why I don't really purchase them and I only have two other brands(Bourjois & The Collection).. but when I do,I'll reach for these the most.It's cheap and it works.Doesn't make my skin oily or breaks out.I would definitely repurchase them!