Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil Golden Shimmer review

Thursday, August 27, 2015 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I got this dry oil as part of a birthday swap that I did with a fellow Be A Beauty Correspondent member.Both of our birthday was in June.Samira lives in Paris and is of  Moroccan descent..if I'm not mistaken.She's Muslim so she made sure that I got snacks that were halal too.
Some of the stuffs she got me!!So awesomeee.
She even gave me a stick of Miswak/Kayu Sugi which was strawberry flavored.I've yet to use it though! Among the many amazing France beauty stuffs that she gave to me,this Nuxe Dry Oil was in it.I've seen it before and have heard rave reviews about it.I also know that it's expensive.It retails about GBP 21 for 50 ml of it..which is about RM 137.

First thing first..can you see how beautiful it is??It's shimmery but not in a chunky glittery way.It's very fine and just utterly beautiful.It's like liquid gold in a bottle!
Another thing that I love about this dry oil is that the scent of it reminds me of frangipani/bunga kemboja/plumeria.I loveee the scent of white plumeria.I've googled about this because I wanted to know is it just me who thinks that it smells like plumeria?But a lot of others said the same thing!

Btw,I love plumeria that I even have a silver ring of it that I bought in Ubud,Bali from the Celuk Gold and Silversmiths :)
There's no pump or spray for this oil so you've to dab the bottle on your skin to get it out.A little bit of a hassle but it doesn't allow too much to come out and spill all over you though!
Shimmery gold
Above is how it looks on my skin.Absolutely gorgeous isn't it?That's without blending.I love how the oil doesn't make your skin feel oily/sticky.It absorbs fast into the skin and leave a beautiful golden shimmer with a gorgeous scent.
From the naked eye,you can't really see much of a difference here.But it does give my skin a wonderful sheen/glow to it.I just love it and I use it so sparingly.I haven't used it on my hair yet though.I've used it on my face too and it didn't make me break out..which is a big plus!

Will I be purchasing this for myself if I finish the bottle??Maybe..I think this is more of a luxury kind of item and not something that is necessary to have.It's more of an indulgent kind of product.

I'll use it on my hair soon and will let you know on my twitter or instagram account.Do follow me there! :)

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I Have one tapi takde shimmer lah!!! i suka sebab bau dia best