Wet 'N Wild Megalast Matte Lipstick review:Cherry Picking,In TheFlesh,Spiked with Rum,Rose Bud and Purty Persimmon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I think the reason why I started purchasing these super cheap lipsticks was because some of my favorite Youtubers reviewed it in their video.This lipstick has been around for years but of course not in Malaysia!I managed to purchase them from Ebay.First I only purchase two lipsticks and then when I fell in love with them,I purchase three more colours.

They are only priced at USD 2,if I'm not mistaken.At Ebay I was charge .65 more than the normal price & there's shipping fee too but it's still very cheap.

You may ask if the price is so cheap..how can it be good?There must be pros and cons right?Of course there is!

Let me tell you what I love and don't love about them:

1)The colors are so pigmented and beautiful.
2)The lipsticks doesn't dry my lips.
3)It's quite long lasting.

2)The shape of the lipstick bullet.

I love these lipsticks but the biggest peeve with these is the packaging.The reason why it's so cheap is of course,the cheap plastic packaging.But the worse thing is that the lipstick doesn't roll until it's in the tube.Wet N' Wild for some forsaken reason,leave about 1 inch of the lipstick above the tube.

So whenever you want to close the lipstick or open it,you have to be reallllly careful so that you don't mess up the lipstick.I of course,have dirtied my lipstick and ruined the shape of the lipstick so many times.

Also the shape of the bullet itself makes it a bit hard to apply because it's quite big compared to normal pointy tip lipsticks out there.But for the price,the beautiful colors and pigmentation,I would definitely repurchase them.I just wish that they'd rebrand the lipsticks and change the packaging.

The run down of the shades that I got:

1)Rose Bud

I loveeee this shade.It's such a beautiful muted pink that I wear almost everyday.It's not too "in your face" kind of color and it also looks beautiful on me.But it does actually look brighter on me compared to the swatches I've seen from others online.

2)Spiked with Rum

I actually have a few other lipsticks that's within the same shade as this lipstick.But I still love it!It's a brick red/reddish brown kind of colour.A favourite color of mine for lipsticks!

3)In The Flesh

The reason why I bought this lipstick was because I saw how beautiful it looks in pictures from other people's review.And when I swatched it on my hand,it's still such a pretty color.But when I apply it on my lips,it became a bit mauve-y instead.I honestly think that it depends on your blood???haha I can see myself wearing this lipstick for everyday.It's pretty similar to another lipstick that I have.

4)Cherry Picking

I don't have any other colour that is similar to this lipstick hence why I bought it.It's a pretty berry red kind of lipstick and instantly brightens up your face.I love this color!

5)Purty Persimmon

I have soooo many orange lipsticks that I should do a separate post about them.This one fits beautifully into my collection.It's a beautiful bright orange red.It's akin to another lipstick that I have as well.I haven't worn this lipstick out yet though..hence no photo of it.haha.

By the way,I bought them from THIS Ebay seller and I asked her for combined shipping.It's easy,when you click buy it now,you can choose to purchase another item from the same seller.

Then instead of checking out,you just contact the seller and asked them to charge for shipping for only one item.I've done this a few times and the seller would be more than willing to help you with that.