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Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I've been slacking in blogging this month and it's soooo bad..I know I know.But my in laws went to perform their haj and they only knew about their flight details a day before so we were rushing to help them pack.I even took EL so that I can send them off.I also went to Ipoh TWICE in 2 weeks.Yup..back to back weekend. And many other things that happened as well.

I have sooo many beauty reviews/movie reviews/restaurant reviews to blog about but I've no freaking time.Everyday I came home from work at 8-9pm.So yeah..time is of the essence.But because the month of September is about to end,I thought..how lousy it is that I only blogged twice in this month??hahah Soooo..I'm doing this longgg blogpost about the places that I ate at when I went to Ipoh(twice haha).

Recently I went to Ipoh twice in less than a month!The first time was for a holiday during the Merdeka weekend and then right after that,we went back because my husband & his dad had their boarding school(STAR) old boys weekend. There's not much to do in Ipoh in terms of sight seeing so we ate a lot while we were there.

Thanks to the recommendation of Razin's friend who's born and bred in Ipoh. So I'call the places that we ate at.There's a lotttt of hipster cafes in Ipoh but we avoided the places because it's just hype than anything else.:P

 1.New Hollywood(breakfast)

 A lot of people been raving about this place all over social media.When Razin and I asked our friends who lives in Ipoh,they all recommend this place for breakfast as it's only open for breakfast ! The concept of this place is that it consists of a number of stalls and mostly are Chinese people serving halal food.The food is very good and it's a great concept for breakfast.

When we went there the first time,Razin's friend Fido came and have breakfast with us. The second weekend that we were there,we brought ibu&ayah with us and they loved it!Especially ayah..he loves the concept of having a few stalls altogether in kopitiam(I think it's called a kopitiam haha)..something that we don't have in Shah Alam.

We've tasted the nasi lemak,roti jala,char kuey tiow,chakoi,fried kuih bakul,roti telur goyang,the iced coffee(so good!),the rojak/lobak...

The fried kuih bakul is my favourite!I've never tasted it before and I managed to eat it twice.Kuih bakul sandwiched between slices of sweet potato/taro and then dipped in batter before being fried. The kuih bakul just oozes out when you bite into it.It's sooooo good. I wish that they sell this here in Shah Alam.:(

 2.Mee Rebus Ramli

 I can cook mee rebus very well as the recipe was passed down to me by my late Kedahan grandmother.So when I eat mee rebus outside,I'm highly critical of it.But I've to tell you that mee rebus ramli is sooooo good.

The kuah might be a little runny than what I'm used to but it's still very good.


Vegas is behind Hollywood.But the diffference is that it's available for dinner,not breakfast.The food here to me was so-so.I had the wantan noodles and also chicken+bean sprouts(basically nasi ayam without the rice) We also tried the creme caramel that people said they're popular for..but honestly..nothing beats the creme caramel that my aunt makes..of which I've made as well thanks to her recipe.:p


 Born and Bread is a bakery at the mall next to our hotel we were staying at that time(Weil Hotel).The name was clever!haha I had their plain cheesecake which was yummmmy.But their strawberry mouse was just so-so.

5.Nasi Ganja

Ipoh is of course well known for their nasi ganja..which is basically rice served with a mix of curries,fried chicken,half of a boiled telur masin + slices of cucumber.It's simple and delicious.The original one is at Yong Suan.I've had it twice so far.

When we went to Ipoh recently,we didn't sit there to eat and just queue for takeaway. The long queue that you see at Yong Suan is just for those who wanted to take away their food.If you want to sit and eat there,there's no need for queuing up.

 6.Petit Mary Patisserie

I saw this beautiful patisserie online and I told Razin that we have to go there.Being the awesome husband that he is,we went there..TWICE!hahah It's a beautiful place that serves so many delectable looking pastries.The first time we went there,we just bought pastries to go as it was packed with people. Pretty packaging I remembered that I enjoy their earl grey cookies tremendously.

The prices there is not that cheap but it's worth it!We loveee their croissants and breads. Before we went back to Shah Alam,we went back to patisserie to have some green tea latte,chocolate truffle and a cream puff.I can still remember about the chocolate truffle.Yummmm.

Taman Kanak-Kanak 

The medan selera at Taman Kanak-Kanak was highly recommended by Razin's friend.We went there twice as well and some yummy foods.

7.Satay Endut

Satay endut + 
This satay stall looked very unassuming but Razin's friend recommended it and I thought..why not because I loveee satay!It was very yummy and it was all meat.There was no fat in between the sticks of satay.


I didn't remember the name of the ABC stall..but it was the same row as Satay Endut,
Razin's friend said that the ABC here is unique because there's chunks of fresh fruits in it...it was pretty good.I ordered air kelapa laut(sea coconut drink),thinking that it'll be a drink but lo and behold,it was shaved it served with sea coconut.It was still good though!

9.Popiah S.S Ali

I grew up eating popiah s.s ali because my mum and aunts loves them and they're everywhere in Shah Alam.But nowadays the price for it is much higher than it was before.It's rm.4.50 for 3 piece of popiah.In Ipoh,there's the original stall there and it's far cheaper.It even tastes better!People go there and buy a lotttt from the uncle.

10.Mee Kari Taman Merdeka

This place was highly recommended not just by Razin's friend but mine as well.It's just a stall near a row of shoplots in Taman Merdeka.The first time we where there,they had to move their cart to be on the pavement of the shoplots because it was raining.

With the cold weather,having a hot bowl of curry noodles was perfect.Especially when they had crispy slices of tofu skin and fish cakes.They were very generous with the condiments.I also like how the owner knows his customers by name.

Clearly they were regulars there.There was a Malay auntie who ate with her mother who was quite old.he owner is Chinese but he has Malay workers and it's halal.A lot of the customers were Muslim.

11.Cathay Mee Stall 

This stall was hard to find thanks to Waze!But we finally managed to find it and boy the mee goreng was one of the best I had.We had the mee rebus but it wasn't my cup of tea.Definitely order the mee goreng.I even tapau one for me to bring to the office the next day for lunch.I love that they packed it with banana leaf.It was even yummy the next day!

12.Funny Mountain Soya Bean 

This place is famous for their soy milk and tau fu fah(my favourite!).They have a drive thru service as well.But I queued up.The tau fu fah was so silky and delicious.The soy milk tasted so pure and my husband loves it!

13.Tambun Pomelo stalls

I love pomelo!There's a row of pomelo stalls and when we went there..it was scary because we were like..the only car there and all these women stand up and looked at me like a hawk.Bargained and got 2.When I got back,opened both and one was sweeter than the other.haha.

This post was in draft mode for a few weeks and there had been a problem with the html that messed up all of the texts.Finally got to post this a few minutes before September ends!Phewwww.


Melissa Mah said...

Wow liyana what great finds. I've been to Ipoh many times b'coz my husband's aunty leaves there, plus it's my mother in laws hometown. But I never manage to look around for nice eateries. Anyway thanks to you, the next time I happened to be in Ipoh, I'll definitely try out those shops that u recommended. 😉

Liyana Hanim said...

Hi Melissa!!Next time you go there make sure u jalan2 cari makan ok?hehe There's so many places to eat there.But a lot of hipster cafes as well..which doesn't equal to good food :P

tiga lalat said...

nyum nyum;p