L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss review

Sunday, September 13, 2015 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

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I first found out about these from Kathleen Light's youtube video.I just love watching her lip swatches videos.It can definitely influence you to purchase more makeup!I even bought Colorpop liquid lipstick because of her(will blog about them soon!).

Because I also have three of the L.A Girl Pro HD concealers and how they were..I thought,why not try out their liquid lipsticks(flat finish pigment gloss--such a long name!).I bought them in three colors.Fleur,Dreamy and Frisky.Instict belongs to my sis Qeema.

They cost me rm25 each and that includes international shipping.I bought them via ebay via my favourite seller.I've purchase so many things from her.You can click the link HERE.

The lips that you see down below belongs to Qeema because hers are bigger than mine and hence,more space to show how the colors will look like.haha 

I will show you the lip swatches below and also list down the pros and cons.

I have a lotttt of red lipsticks but I don't have any red liquid lipstick.I love this one!It's not a true red kind of lipstick but it's pretty bright and has a slight berry tint to it.I can definitely see myself wearing this at night.

Similar to red lipsticks..I have a lot of orange lipsticks as well and I definitely want to purchase this soon.It's such a beautiful orange red color which leans more towards orange.It's quite a bright colour so minimal makeup is the key when wearing this color.

This color is nothing like I ever have before.I would say that it's a mix between nude and peach.It's such a lovely everyday kind of colour.


At first I didn't like this lipcolor because when I swatched it one..it looked so pale on me.But when I tried it on again..as I wait for a few mins..it became pink!A muted pink but still so very nice.I even wore it one night and asked my husband and he loved it.He said he rarely sees me where a very pink color(pale not bright pink).

- Very long lasting.It can last for hours unless you eat something really oily/greasy.
-The doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply them on your lips.
-The color pigmentation is amazing!
-It goes on smoothly on your lips.
- The price is so affordable.
-The packaging is great as it's quite medium in size.

 -The smell!The brighter the color,the worse the smells become.Frisky smells like a very strong paint.BUT,the smell fades once it dries on your lips.
-It's hard to remove.You need an oil based remover.Even Bioderma doesn't work
-Some colors emphasize the line on your lips.Even lines you didn't know you had!

 I would definitely recommend girls to buy these liquid lipsticks as they're so pigmented and inexpensive.They're way better than NYX lip creme in terms of longevity and it looks really matte.The NYX ones are super moisturizing though but it's not long lasting at all.I also believe that this is far less drying than the Colorpop ones.A great buy!


zar mokhtar said...

hi liyana..sorry if this will be wrong section. just wanted to check any malaysian online seller that you are familiar with selling charlotte tilburry product? Been craving to try their wonderglow primer. tks

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Zar Mokhtar

erma said...

hi may i know how long does it takes to arrive using ebay?