My love for Happy Bunch:A story.

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My previous post was about what a bad customer service experience was like..but in this blogpost,it's about an amazing customer service :)

I love Happy Bunch!If you don't know what they are...then you really should.Especially if you're someone like me who loves fresh flowers.Fresh flowers to me is an affordable luxury.

Happy Bunch makes it even more easy for us flower lovers or those who want to send a bouquet to their loved ones by giving free delivery(around Klang Valley)!I found out about Happy Bunch from my former colleague at my previous work place.I love that they have a different bouquet everyday(weekdays) and it's only rm39 each(except for Luxe Bunch).

You can also combine your bunches to create a bigger one.I love the fact that everyday,it's a different bunch of flowers.People are always saying that their bouquet sold out so fast.The trick is to follow them on their Facebook page and to check it every night at 8pm as that's when they'll reveal the bouquet for tomorrow.

If you see something that catches your eye,you quickly purchase them via their website.I've purchased from Happy Bunch a few times before and the flowers are as beautiful as pictured on their page.Below are some of the bouquets that I bought.

To know more about them you can click HERE.But the real story is actually below...

The point of this blogpost is to actually tell you a story about how Happy Bunch helped me to get a bunch of wheat from a bouquet that they sold during the week,for Maisara's(who's now married to Raushan--my husband's brother) wedding bouquet.
The picture she showed me

Maisara showed me a picture of  a bouquet of wheat & lavender that she wanted for her wedding and when I saw it I was like..that's from Happy Bunch.But it was from their bouquet about 3 days back.So of course it's sold out.

This was actually 2 days before their garden rustic chic themed wedding reception.So I tried to search online if there's any florist that's selling the wheat bouquet but I know that there'd be none and after searching and searching,they're only available from overseas.There's no way for us to get it in time.

I'm a firm believer in the saying that "If there's a will,there's a way"..especially if it comes in getting something that I want.So the next day(a day before the reception),eventhough I know that they've sold out the bouquet before, I just tried to email Happy Bunch and ask them if maybe they have some wheat left.I told them about my situation and how we really need it.

Joanne from Happy Bunch was really gracious and replied my email back and forth.She explained to me that they don't sell the flowers loose and this has never been done before.But I told her how Maisara wants it for her bouquet and to please help us.

So within that 1 hour of me emailing her,she allowed me to purchase a bunch of wheat from them.Thank god that wheat is dry so they did have some left.I'm glad that I decided to email them and ask about it.
So cool to be able to go here!

It was a miracle!I was on 1/2 day leave from work because we had to help prepare for the wedding at Taman Rimba Kiara TTDI in the evening.I went straight to Happy Bunch's HQ from my office in the afternoon to pick up the bunch of wheat.
Pretty bunches

It was sooo cool to see the place that they arrange all those beautiful flower bouquets.The place was packed with colorful flowers.I was so thankful for Joanne for helping me and she made the bride really happy!
Girls hard at work at Happy Bunch!
Got the wheat!

Below are pictures of the bride holding the bouquet.She added some of her own touches to it.

The bouquet with some finishing touches

Happy Bunch will be turning 1 years old on Friday and I want to say a big congratulations to them.Thank you so much for helping me out and being so genuinely gracious!I hope that your business will grow bigger and bigger.Hopefully I get to attend your party :P