Product review:Claire Organics

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Some of you might not know this but I have very sensitive skin.It's very delicate.I envy my husband because he has such thick skin(haha) that you can put anything on it and it'll be okay.Mine is prone to redness/itchiness/dryness/flakiness..especially on my legs(sometimes on my face).

I've bought products from overseas before like pure cocoa butter,shea butter,apricot oil,avocado oil and rosehip oil.I try to keep it as natural as possible for my body because it gets irritated easily.

My colleagues found out about Claire Organics and I looked them up.I was surprised at the quality of the products and the ingredients that was used.Finally I don't have to spend my money in USD in order to buy such products as they're available here.

Louise from Claire Organics was kind enough to give me two of their products for me to use and review.I also bought another of their item because it caught my eye and my skin can really use it.

What I love about the products is that they're affordable but the quality is really great.So let me review the three items that I got from Claire Organics.

1.Luxurious Rosehip Face/Body Oil

I've use rose hip oil by the bottles before from this brand that I bought via a website based in US.

I'm so glad that Claire Organics sells this in a big bottle that comes with a pump.

This oil is perfect for my skin as it minimizes any scar that I have on my legs due to itchiness and also moisturize it.I also use this oil on my face sometimes..especially on acne scars.

I have no bad reaction to it and I really love it.It doesn't make me break out or cause any irritation.I would definitely repurchase this once I've finish the entire bottle.

2.Aromatherapy Enchant Perfume Oil

This perfume has a rose scent that is not overpowering.It's quite subtle.It's very calming as well.I love that it's a roll on so it doesn't spill all over and you can fit it in your handbag.

3.Healing Herbal Balm

I have such sensitive skin and I get itchy at weird times.That's why I actually bought this balm when I saw it.It's written on the front that it soothes eczema,insect bites,acne,psoriasis,rashes,burns and cuts!Impressive..
Accidentally torn the label behind..oops

So did the balm lives up to its claim??I have to say that it does!I've used up almost half of it already.haha

The balm helps soothe any itchiness that I get sometimes and it gives a cooling effect.I also love that the tin is tiny and can fit into my handbag.

Overall,I'm impressed with what Claire Organics has to offer.I love the ingredients that they use as it's pure,organic and good for your body.

I'm definitely excited to try more of their products.They're available at Isetan KLCC and also One Utama(until 11 november).

You can learn more about them via the link below:


Dove Volume&Nourishment review and giveaway (5 winners)

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I have colored hair and have been coloring my hair every 2-3 months for more than 5 years now.I take care of my hair very well as it can easily become dry if I don't.But if you put too much moisture on your hair,it can also weigh it down and results in having a flat hair which is a big no-no to me.

I like having a great blowout and I can actually do it well at home(been practicing since I was a teen!).I love having great volume as it makes my hair looks lush.But it's also hard to get volume or maintain it especially with the humidity.

That's why I'm so glad that I was given Dove's latest product named Volume & Nourishment which aptly promises to volumize your hair and keeping it nourished,without weighing it down.

Dove are able to do this with their new Dove Volume & Nourishment hair range via a breakthrough from Oxyfusion Technology that contains oxygen-fused ingredient. The formula instantly dissolves into the hair, giving deep down moisture while adding up to 95% of volume without weighing it down. 


Dove Volume & Nourishment Shampoo with Oxyfusion Technology contains oxygen-infused ingredients that offer a weightless formula to restore smoothness while adding up to 95% more volume* for hair that’s full of bounce.  This every day shampoo breathes life into dry, limp hair while gently cleansing and nourishing with every wash. 

Directions: Apply to wet hair, gently massage into hair and scalp and rinse.

I love the smell of the shampoo.It's hard to describe what it smells like but it's just very refreshing.It makes your hair smells so good.Plus,I love how it didn't make my hair feels squeaky and rough.Usually that happens with most shampoos until I use a conditioner over it.I can feel that it doesn't strip moisture from my hair and it also cleans it well.I just love it!

I have a sensitive scalp and the shampoo didn't make my scalp itchy or cause any flaking.So it's definitely got an A+ in my book.


Dove Volume & Nourishment Conditioner has been designed to complement Dove Volume & Nourishment Shampoo. This Conditioner nourishes hair and restores its softness and smoothness without weighing it down, breathing volume into dry, flat hair. 

Directions: Apply through wet hair, focus on mid length to ends and rinse

Some conditioner,when applied to your hair,it will weigh it down and also doesn't give enough moisture.This wasn't the case with Dove Volume&Nourishment.It made my hair feels soft and silky.I love it!The fact that it made my hair smells good is a big plus as well.

I have to mention as well that this conditioner also didn't cause any flaking on my scalp..this has happened to me before with some conditioners. 

It's enough to say that I really feel that you girls out there should go out and buy both the shampoo and conditioner from Dove Volume&Nourishment line.

Pictured below is before and after I used the product.

Notice that my hair become smoother,more vibrant and have more volume?I also wish that there was a smell-vision so you can smell how good my hair was.haha

Good news for five..yes FIVE of my dear blog'll be getting a rm100 worth of hamper from Dove for their Volume&Nourishment range.

Enough shampoo and conditioners to last you for months! All you have to do is answer the two questions below in my comment section and I'll select 5 lucky winners,randomly

1.How does Oxyfusion Technology works? 

2.Share with us how would you feel once your hair is more volumized? 

Terms and Conditions: 

1. Open to ALL my readers in Malaysia.
2. Contest period is from 24 Oct -7 Nov 2015 .
3. You will need only to answer two (2) simple questions on Dove Volume&Nourishment in the comment section below.
 4. FIVE winners will be announced within 7 days after contest ends.

The Dove Volume & Nourishment range is available nationwide at RM15 (340ml) for the Shampoo and RM15 (330ml) for the Conditioner.

For more information on the products and to receive samples log on to


Roleaf:Tea lover heaven

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I'm someone who loves teas and would buy them online from US just because of my love for it.Part of my hantaran for my wedding was even a set of a really expensive brand of loose teas.haha That's how much I love them.But it's hard to find a local tea purveyor/brand that sells great quality teas at an affordable price..until I came upon Roleaf!

I looked at their selection of teas and I was amazed.They were so kind to give me teas for me to review and I can say honestly that I love them all!I will definitely repurchase from them once I run out of teas.

From one tea lover to another,if you want to get good quality teas at an affordable price,do give their website a look and browse the many many teas that they have.

I will review all of the teas that Roleaf has given me.All of the opinions here are entirely my own..and I tried all of the teas!

I tried all of the teas without sugar except the Earl Grey & Peach White Tea because that's how I take it.

*The description in italic is from Roleaf's website.*

1)Elegant Earl Grey
Picture from Roleaf

Earl Grey is a tea blend with a distinctive citrus flavour and aroma derived from the addition of oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange, a fragrant citrus fruit. The smoky and fragrant taste of Earl Grey is a unique experience that many people cannot get enough of. Apparently Captain Picard of Star Trek fame will not drink anything else!

I love earl grey tea.It's my favourite tea for breakfast or tea time.It's just a great strong cup of tea with such a delicious fragrance.Next to green tea,early grey is also use in many dessert recipes.I've tasted earl grey cake and cookie..they were delicious!

I usually have it with some sugar.I'm not used to adding milk to my tea but I'm sure that it'll taste even nicer.

2)Calming Chamomile

Picture from Roleaf

Chamomile is a herb renowned in folk and traditional medicine for its health, cosmetic and nutritional benefits. A soothing blend for relaxation that takes away anxious, stressed or depressed feelings.

Chamomile tea to me is something that I'll drink at night to relax and calm me down.Basically it's like drinking lavender prepares me for a goodnight sleep.

3)Just Jasmine
Picture from Roleaf

Jasmine tea is a type of scented tea. To make scented ceylon tea, ceylon tea leaves are mixed with flowers until their perfume has been absorbed. The tea is then baked gently in an oven. Jasmine teas have a naturally calming and relaxing effect on mind and body.

Jasmine tea is a type of green tea and this is something that I'll drink throughout the day.I love the scent of jasmine and when you brew this tea,you'll definitely smell the unmistakable scent.
Picture from Roleaf

Also called tea olive, fragrant olive or sweet olive, osmanthus has a long history of ornamental and medicinal uses. Osmanthus played a role in traditional Chinese wedding ceremonies as a symbol of love and romance.
A poet named Song Xhi Wen from the Tang Dynasty quoted "sweet-scented osmanthus seeds fell on the Moon as its fragrance in the sky was wafted through the clouds".

This was my first time trying out an Osmanthus tea.It is bright yellow in colour.After reading the description above I was I never thought that there's an amazing story behind the tea.I would say that this tea has a calming effect as well.

5)Rooibos The Robust
Picture from Roleaf

Rooibos, which translates into Red Bush, is a popular herbal beverage from South Africa. Rich in health properties, and naturally caffeine-free, Rooibos is a great replacement to black tea. Can be enjoyed with a slice of lemon, milk and honey. 

I've tasted rooibos tea before and I like it.I like this one too!When you take a sip,it just feels really healthy somehow.I know teas (unsweetened) are healthy,but this one just seems to give me..strength?haha It's hard to describe so you should try it yourself.

6)Hibiscus Hana

Picture from Roleaf

This bright shining ruby is bold and sweet. It's called 'roselle' in Australia, 'sorrel' in Jamaica and Barbados, 'karkadé' in Egypt and Italy and 'Chai Torsh' in Iran. The pure effervescence of hibiscus tisanes has certainly earned its global appeal.

I heard that this tea is great to consume when one is having PMS.I haven't had it during that time of the month yet though.This tea when you brew it,it will become bright red in color.It tastes a little bit sour.But it's really good!

7)Pretty Peach White Tea
Picture from Roleaf

A fruity, softly sweet and fragrant peach tea with delicate floral undertones which can be enjoyed hot or chilled.

Peach tea is a favourite of mine.This tea is fruity and delicious.You can turn it into iced tea and it'll taste just as good and refreshing.

8)Soothing Sencha
Picture from Roleaf

Sencha is fine Japanese green tea from the Shizuoka perfecture of Japan. Refreshing and smooth with slight roast flavors. High in antioxidant and Vitamin C.

Green tea is something that I love to drink.And I always drink it without sugar.This one makes a really good cup of green tea.It's not too strong and is just nice.

9)Chava Chai
Picture from Roleaf

A traditional Indian blend, best served with milk and sugar. The blend contains Black Tea, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, pepper and cloves.

This was the tea that I was most apprehensive to try because I've tried chai latte before and didn't like it.I was scared that it'll taste like I was drinking curry flavoured tea.hahaha I was sooo wrong!The spice taste wasn't strong and it was actually a very pleasant cup of tea.I bet it taste even better with some milk and sugar as I had it without both.

I would definitely repurchase some of the teas that was given to the sencha and earl grey.I'm also planning to buy their matcha powder soon.Can't wait to try more teas from Roleaf!

For more info,click on the links below:


Lux Magical Spell(+giveaway)-*contest ended*

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I'm one of those people who enjoy taking showers and the whole bathing process. I have so many bath products! I love smelling good and feeling fresh. One of the well-known brand that we associate with luxurious shower and bathing experience in Malaysia is of course Lux. Their body wash always smells so good and it's a favourite of my mum and I.

It all sounds so exciting right? Wait until you find out the ingredients for Lux Magical Spell.

On the packaging of the body wash it showed that it contains Fragrance Pearls of Black Orchids and Juniper Oil. When I found out about that I was like..ooooh black orchids?? So unique! If you must know, black orchid has a very luxurious fragrance. Even Tom Ford came out with a black orchid perfume. But among the many bathing brands in the market, Lux is matching up with the trend of using Black Orchid as part of its fragrance.

Other than Black Orchid and the opening notes of Juniper Oil, Lux Magical Spell contains ingredients such as dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean. With the combination of such ingredients, Lux Magical Spell serves as a bold, powerful fragrance that leaves skin fragrant for up to 8 hours.

It certainly leaves up to the claim! I've used it for a few days now and it does leave a scent that isn't overpowering at all. I used it at 8.30 am before I go to work and even until 4.30pm, I can still smell the scent on my body. It keeps me feeling fresh and fragrant all day.

It leaves a very pleasant scent on your body after you take a shower. When people walk past you, they will be able to detect the scent but if they sit next to you, they can certainly smell a hint of a the refreshing and luxurious scent that is Lux Magical Spell.

When you're in the shower, you can definitely experience the full luxurious scent of it. I also love that the Magical Spell shower cream is purple in colour. Those who are close to me would know that purple is my favourite colour!

Below are the three steps that you can take in order to experience an indulgent shower with Lux Magical Spell;

Step One: Wet the loofah in the shower and then pour just a little Lux Magical Spell on the loofah.

Step Two: Gently massage the loofah to work into a rich, luxurious lather and enjoy the intense and alluring fragrance of Lux Magical Spell.

Step Three: Massage all over your body to let the luxurious lather and its enchanting fragrance embrace your skin and senses!

 Now, I am ready to experience my day confidently with the help of Lux Magical Spell!

I also think that this is a great and inexpensive gift for you girls out there to give to your family members and friends..a litle bit of luxury for your everyday.

But you can also win it here!

Lux has been so kind to give me 2 hampers worth rm100 each containing Lux Magical Spell products to give out to you my lovely readers.


Heidi & Miza Sasaki..congratulations!

Miza kindly email me your details!

Lux Magical Spell is available at all hypermarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies and trade outlets. The Lux 950ml is priced at RM17.90 and the 220ml is priced at RM6.00 while the 600ml refill pack at RM8.90.

For more information and updates on Lux, log on to

 *This is a sponsored content but the opinions are entirely my own*


Makeup Geek + Color Pop reviews: Cocoa Bear + foiled Grandstand and Bumble+Donut

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I buy a lot of beauty products every month.If I blog about every would be insane.So I've to figure out how to compressed them into a few blogposts to make things easier.So I figured that I'll just clumped some of them together in one blogpost.:)

Anywayyy..we'll start with some pretty shimmery stuffs.

Makeup Geek

I've heard about Makeup Geek thanks to my fellow beauty blogger Wiida and also other beauty Youtubers that I subscribed to.

Somehow I found out recently(last month)that they were giving free shipping worldwide and I of course grabbed the opportunity to buy some.Now our currency wasn't at it's best against USD but still it was too great of a deal to miss out on.

I quickly asked Wiida which one should I buy and I limit myself to only two eyeshadows which came up to about rm70.

I bought Cocoa Bear and also one from the foiled collection in Grandstand.They arrived within 2 weeks.

I definitely love both of them and understand why people rave about the eyeshadows.They're buttery smooth,blend well,great pigmentation and looks amazing on.

If only the shipping isn't expensive..I'd definitely buy more!
Left:Grandstand,Right:Cocoa Bear

Top:Grandstand,Bottom:Cocoa Bear
Cocoa Bear

Wearing just cocoa bear,very lightly.
Cocoa Bear is a beautiful reddish brown matte eyeshadow that just looks good on my eyes.I've worn them a few times and got compliments for it.I love wearing this shade for everyday,especially when I'm lazy to put on liquid eyeliner.The color gives some depth to my eyes.


This shimmery eyeshadow is just sooo beautiful.There's not glittery fallout either and it's finely milled.I just love love love it!I really want to get more from the foiled collection.I've worn both Cocoa Bear and Grandstand together and they look beautiful.

Mixing cocoa bear + grandstand
My verdict is for Makeup Geek is..go and buy it!If you can,please purchase it because they're awesome.If given the choice,I would definitely buy more from them.

Color Pop

Color Pop is a brand that I came to know from one of my favourite Youtuber,Kathleen Lights.I ordered them from this instagram shop that belonged to a fellow blogger of mine.I bought two of Color Pop's matte liquid lipstick in the shades Bumble and Donut.

The matte liquid lipsticks are very matte and they last a long time.A word of caution though if you have any bits of dryness on your lips,better scrub and moisturize them well before applying the lipsticks.


This is a deep brick red color(brown red) and it goes on smooth on the lips.Unfortunately the color doesn't look good on me so I gave it to my sister in law.I love the color but on me it made my complexion looked sallow.


I loveeee this color and it's a great color on me.Unfortunately,it's very drying compared to Bumble.I've no idea why and I'm not making this up as my sister in law tried it and she also complained about how drying it is.Whenever I want to wear it,I've to make sure that my lips is very very smooth.

I loveee the color of donut.It's a bright coral that looks pinker on me than peachy/orange.The downside of donut is that if you apply two coats,it'll crack.So you've to apply only one coat of it.What I do is use a layer of lip liner first and then apply donut on top.Sad that it can crack and become patchy but the color is so beautiful.T_T
It looks a little pink
But the great thing about these liquid lipsticks is that they last a long time.You've to use an oil based remover to get rid of it...even when I use Bioderma, it requires vigorous rubbing.

I love that they also don't have a weird paint scent to it like L.A Girl has.If only Color Pop ships to Malaysia.That'll be awesome!

I would definitely want to try more colors from Color Pop ultra matte liquid lipstick!

In the next post,I'll share what highlighter I'm currently using in the pictures I used for the Makeup Geek post that makes my skin looks even more glowing.I just love it!I'll also be having a giveaway for my dear readers soon.So watch out for that! :)