BH Cosmetics haul:Carli Bybel palette&Flawless Brow Trio

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I definitely buy items from my favourite Youtubers like Zoella(blogged about her line HERE!),Kathleen Lights(my review on Miami Fever) and Tanya Burr(haven't blogged about it yet but I've her lashes--which I've yet to use and her book!).

I've heard about BH Cosmetics before but never have I purchase anything from them.Until one of my favourite youtuber,Carli Bybel came out with her own palette for BH.

It was pretty tough to get my hands on it initially because it was out of stock sooo fast but luckily,because my sister in law registered her email to be on the waiting list,a slot was opened!It was a private sale and not shown on the website as they wanted to limit the number.

BUT,we were only able to order two palettes per person(I registered as well but mine came a lot later) and the shipping wasn't cheap!It was USD24 if I'm not mistaken.So we split the shipping cost and I also add on the Flawless Brow Trio to the list.

The price for Carli's palette was USD 12.50 while the Flawless Brow Trio was USD 5.50.It's very affordable but the shipping was more expensive than the items themselves.

But the packaging for the shipping was very sturdy(a big box) and our items arrived within 2 weeks!In fact,the item just arrived on Friday and I was so excited that I had to blog about it today.

So the palette and brow trio + shipping cost me RM132.Which to me is very worth it considering I'm seeing people are selling the palette for a lottt more.My sister even saw that a seller in Malaysia was selling it for RM155!

1.Carli Bybel Palette
Aspire to Inspire--
Carli like to start her Youtube videos with uplifting quotes

As you can see below,the packaging is a simple cardboard box and very light.I believe that it's also easy to bring during travel.
Sooo beautiful.Taken using my iPhone 6.

The eyeshadows and highlighters are very pigmented.For the price,it's pretty amazing.Of course,the eyeshadows can't be compared to Makeup Geek but they're still very good.There's 5 matte and 5 shimmer eyeshadows.They're buttery smooth and I didn't experience any glitter fallouts from the shimmer eyeshadows as they were very finely milled.
The eyeshadow swatches

There's a lot of different looks that you can try with the eyeshadows and I love the selection of colors as I'm not a fan of bright eyeshadows.The colors are very wearable.
The highlighters swatches
As for the highlighters..I love them!I love that there's four different colors so you can mix it up.The far right is the lightest and will be best for the brow arch and inner corner of my eyes.
Wearing the highlighters and eyeshadows

The darkest one can be used as a blusher or as a bronzer.The two in the middle can be mixed with the other colors to reach the desirable color of your choice.

My only problem with the highlighters is that it's not that pigmented on the skin and also you need to blend it really really well or not it'll look patchy on your face.I've a few highlighters with better formulation(like Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder in Audrey--which I'll blog about soon!) but as I mentioned again,for USD 12.50 for everything,it's an amazing deal!
2.Flawless Brow Trio 

I have naturally thin eyebrows and I'm always trying to find ways to make it look thicker.This Flawless Brow Trio reminded me of a cheaper version for Urban Decay's brow box(which was a favourite of mine years back and I blogged about HERE!)
The brow trio contains one tinted wax and two brow powders.I bought mine in the shade Medium.I don't know why but the middle brow powder contains some glittery particles which was a bit weird..I don't think it's use to define the arch..I just mix the two brow powders together though!

Below is how I use the brow kit.Basically I line my eye using the tinted wax and then I fill them in with the brow powders.I also use a spoolie to brush it.It can't compete with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade(which I blogged about HERE!) of course..which is amazingggg BUT for USD 5.50,this brow trio is great for everyday and easy for me to carry in my handbag. 
Left:My naturally thin eyebrow.
Top Right:Lined with wax.
Bottom right:Filled with powder
To sum up,BH Cosmetics products are definitely worth the money!I would consider buying more of their stuffs next year :)


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