Demeter Fragrance Library(Honeysuckle,First Love and Pixie Dust)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I first found out about Demeter a few months back,thanks to a monthly favourites video by none other than my favourite Youtuber,Zoella.I googled about them and found out that the brand has a long list of fragrances and they were all very unique.

You can see from the screenshot of their website below that they have such variety of fragrances!Fancy smelling like chocolate covered cherries or chocolate chip cookies?What about dirt,playdoh,beetroot,paint or even lobster?!?
Some of the longgg list of amazing scents selection

They have it all!I find it to be whimsical,enchanting and amazing.I would pore through the list of fragrance and be like..wowwww.haha I even searched on Youtube and other blogs for reviews.Suffice to say that I became a bit obsessed with it.

I knew that I wanted to get my hands on them.Unfortunately the US and UK websites both have expensive shipping..or was it that they don't ship to Malaysia?I can't remember..anyway,I searched on ebay and there's this seller from Australia that sells a 120ml bottle for USD27.That's a steal as it came with free shipping.

It's a legit online beauty store from Australia that uses Ebay as a platform as well.The link is below:

It was so hard to make a choice on which fragrance to purchase first but I managed to narrow it down.I bought a bottle of Honeysuckle while my sister in law joined me with my purchase and bought Pixie Dust.

Then about a few months later..I saw that Mysale was selling it as well!So I bought another bottle and this time it was First Love.

I get that it can be daunting buying fragrance online because you can't smell them before deciding to buy them.That is why Youtube reviews and also blog reviews plays an important role(the power of social media!).

Do your research and also know what kind of scent that you tend to choose when buying perfumes.I choose Honeysuckle because my husband bought me a big box set of VS body mists which contained three different ones with the body lotions and I fell in love with the scent Secret Charm which is a combination of Jasmine + Honeysuckle.

And because Zoella also bought a bottle of Honeysuckle from Demeter..I was like..this is meant to be!hhahaha

The Honeysuckle scent is a beautiful floral scent.It started of as being very floral(and apparently very true to the smell of a honeysuckle flower),and then it has a tea-like also smells quite "green".It wasn't overpowering at all.I think this would be a good fragrance to be mixed with others from Demeter's collection.

Description below from Demeter's website;

This is the scent of honeysuckle in June on a warm, sunny day, experienced while driving down a country road about 45 MPH with the windows down.  It gets no better than this.  Ever.

I got a whiff of Pixie Dust and it''s definitely a sugary sweet fragrance but it wasn't "syrupy" or cloyingly sweet.To me when I got a whiff of's a very princess-y and fun scent.

Description below from Demeter's website;

The truth is, at Demeter we do not know what Pixie Dust smells like – but we know what it SHOULD smell like: fruity, sugary and light as the air itself. And that describes our Pixie Dust perfectly. 

In the Disney version of Peter Pan, when Tinker Bell moves she is trailed by small amounts of pixie dust, and this dust can help humans fly, if they think happy thoughts. At Demeter we clearly want people to think happy thoughts – in fact, one of our main reasons for being is because great fragrance always makes you smile, and we all need more smiles, each day, everywhere. 

So Smell Great and Be Happy!

First Love..funnily enough,actually have honeysuckle in it.But I bought the fragrance anyway because I was curious about it.Luckily,it smells really good.It's floral,it's sweet,it's quite strong but overall it's a lovely fragrance.This is my favourite!

Description below from Demeter's website:

First Love is an irresistible, unique and unusual light floral combination of lemon zest, jasmine, honeysuckle, water lotus and white rose. We launched First Love several years ago, exclusively in South Korea, and it is so good that wanted to share it.

I'm so tempted to buy another bottle from Demeter but I need to finish the two bottles first. :P