Review:Kathleen Lights OFRA long lasting liquid lipstick in Miami Fever!

Sunday, November 01, 2015 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

I loveeeee Kathleen Lights!I love that she's goofy,so pretty and her eyebrows is always on point.I don't know how many lipsticks that I've purchased due to her lip swatches videos.

When I found out that she came out with her own liquid lipstick..I know that I had to have it.Sadly..the shipping for Ofra's products to Malaysia is so expensive.Luckily..a few weeks after that,someone from twitter tweeted me that she's selling it.I was like...whattttt??

So I put my faith in her and bought it..I was a bit nervous because I've never bought something from someone from twitter but we communicated via whatsapp and she was so nice.I did told her that you better not let me down!ahahah

Thankfully,the item arrived within three days..I think.It was ready stock :)

Let me tell you..Kathleen was right!I've had liquid lipsticks from Color Pop,LA Girl and NYX..I've to say that OFRA is THE BEST.It's a mousse-y texture..just like Kathleen said it was.It doesn't dry my lips(like Color Pop),it's not goes on incredibly smooth and the pigmentation is amazing.
Loveee the colour
Mucking around
The best thing is that it lasts a long time.I can be eating something greasy and it's still there.I also love loveeee the colour.I have about..65 lipsticks and none of them looks like the colour from Miami Fever.It's a burnt orange colour with a hint of brown in it..that's my summation of it though.haha
At Ava's birthday party

It's just beautiful and it looks good on me(if I say so myself).I'm so in love with it.You can see from the pictures that I've worn the liquid lipstick multiple times lately.

Because Miami Fever is so good on me..I might even consider buying other liquid lipsticks from OFRA.If only the shipping isn't expensive.

At a wedding with Amal(my husband's friend's gf)
So..I've an idea how I can reduce the cost of shipping + give you girls out there the chance to buy these OFRA liquid lipsticks.I'm taking only FIVE orders for any of the OFRA liquid lipsticks.It'll be only rm85 (including poslaju shipping) for each.

All you have to do is click the link below to see Kathleen swatches of OFRA liquid lipsticks and choose the colour that you want,email it to me -- course,you atleast need to make 50% of the payment because I don't want backout buyers :)

I can say with 100% confidence that they're worth buying.It's just a really great liquid lipstick.So if you want to get your hands on them,let's purchase them together!!


Oh my!! I love her too! She soo honest with her review. I want it toooo~

The lipstick looks lovely on you! Thanks for the info, I have been looking for a way to get ofra product 😀

Do drop by... GreenStory

Apasal lawa sangat tu babe the colour! Oh maiiii

Jann Nah said...

Hi, just wondering where you got these OFRA liquid lipsticks from cause i really want them! Thank you!