Big Bad Wolf Preview Sale+another trip there

Sunday, December 13, 2015 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I received a Preview Pass for Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and I brought Aimi with me(the place was only 15 mins from her office).We got there at 8pm(MIECC) and spend 2 hours there(as it closes at 10pm).It was cool being able to browse all the books before everyone got to purchase them the next day.

I love books and I grew up reading books.I have my parents to thank for because they instilled in me the love of reading by always encouraging it since I was little..bringing me to bookshops and so many books warehouse sale.

So you can imagine how I really love Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.The place is huge and there's sooo many books at such low prices.

I even went there back again when one night,at 2 am,my husband suddenly suggested that we go there as he wanted to buy books.So we were there from 2.30 am-5.30 am.The foodtrucks was still going on there and there were quite a number of people.But I had ample time to browse through all of the books compared to when I went to the preview sale.

There were 8-10 rows of cookbooks..which I love.I went through every single row of books and found a lot of amazing ones.I found a baking book from The Hummingbird Bakery (I have two from them&I love it!!)but I didn't buy it as the recipes were quite similar with the two other books that I have.

I was so so happy when I found Paul Hollywood and The Great British Bake Off baking books as I didn't find them when I went to the preview sale.If you don't know..I've been watching The Great British Bake Off for about 2-3 years now and I just love the show.If you love baking like I do,you'll seriously love it.

I also love that they're open 24-hours as if you're busy during the day,you can go there late at night.On another note as well...Big Bad Wolf sale is an example of a greatly planned sale/event.The space was huge,there was so many counter for payments and ample parking space.

I thought I'd share with you what I bought from the sale.4 cookbooks,6 fiction(yes I bought a Nancy Drew book eventhough I'm 28 because I love her!),3 autobiography/non-fiction and 2 work related books(not pictured).I got all of the books for just rm200+.Amazing deal!
My haul!

The sale will end tomorrow so you should bring your family and friends to MIECC(next to The Mines Shopping Mall) and get some great bargains.Seriously though..the books cost as low as rm8!