Morphe Brushes 35U Palette review

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I'm not one of those girls who wears eyeshadow on a daily basis.I tend to wear them from time to time.But as of lately,I've been experimenting with my makeup and been buying more eyeshadows.

And for about 2-3 months now,I've been buying from Mysale.This is due to the fact that my sister in laws have purchased from them and it took about 1 months for their items to arrive.One day I saw that Morphe Brushes was on sale and after hearing great reviews from beauty youtubers/bloggers.. I decided to purchase one.

I choose the 35U palette which is their multi-color shimmer palette as I have sooo many brown/bronze eyeshadows and I want to branch out and try out more colours.It took more than a month for the palette to arrive and it cost me rm110 with shipping.

But I really love it and the wait was not an issue when I saw what was inside.I believe that all of the shades were shimmery except for 2 shades that were matte.They are so pigmented and smooth.The packaging is plastic and there's no mirror(that's how they managed to sell it at such a low price).
Such pretty colors!
Though the formulation can't be compared to Makeup Geek(which is even better than mentioned by Jaclyn Hill..who used to work for MAC) but for the price point,you definitely get your money's worth.They're wayyyy better than Sephora's eyeshadow(which sucks).

There's no names for the colors though.But I've swatched them down below according to rows from top to bottom.

I tried the eyeshadows out on my eyes and again..I rarely wear eyeshadow so I clearly need more practice.But I love that you can create sooo many looks using this eyeshadow palette.It's shimmery but there's no crazy fallout.Suffice to say that this eyeshadow palette will last me a veryyyy long time.
Three different eye makeup looks
Four different eye makeup looks
I've worn some of the colors before to work and lasted up to 6 hours I think.That's pretty good!It doesn't smudge on my eyelids as well and I'm not the type who uses eyeshadow primer nor do I have one :P

This palette is a great investment if you want to try using multi-colored eyeshadows and don't want to break the bank.No wonder it was highly recommended by many.


Rikajue said...

Wow, love the green blue combo! I subscribed to mysale too but mostly ignore, there's a lot of email alerts from it. Haha, now gonna look thru for something interesting.