The Body Shop Malaysia British Rose range

Thursday, February 11, 2016 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The scent of a rose always makes me happy.Something about the smell of roses that just makes me love them even more.Hence,I was happy when The Body Shop came out with their latest British Rose range.A rose is something that people tend to associate with the Brits anyway so this range makes perfect sense.

What I love about this range is that the roses that are used for the products are 100% organically grown in Hereforsdshire,England.That is very good to know as they use the purest of ingredients to make the best products for us.

As Valentine's Day is coming up soon,the range makes the perfect beautifully scented gifts for your mother,sister or girlfriend.I'm sure there are guys who loves the scent of roses as well!

I was given the Exfoliating Body Scrub and the Instant Glow Body Essence for me to review.I have say that I 100% love them!So I'll break down why I love them both.

1.The Body Shop British Rose Instant Glow Body Essence
The body essence becomes pink on the skin!

This body essence makes your skin glow and also smells beautiful.I love that the rose scent isn't overpowering.It's especially great when you're the kind of person who doesn't like to wear perfume as the body lotion will make you emanate a beautiful floral scent.
A beautiful glow!

It looks white in the body but when applied to the skin,it becomes this beautiful pink magic!I also love that it's not shimmery(no glitter in it) and it really does leave your skin with a beautiful glow.You can see via the pictures below.

2.The Body Shop British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub
It reminds me of rose jelly

I love a good body scrub as I love to exfoliate.But the problem with most body scrubs is that they can be a bit drying.This wasn't the case with the British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub.The look of it reminds me of rose jelly/jam and it smells so good.The tiny beads does a good job exfoliating my skin and because there's essence of hand-picked rose,it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft.
The tiny beads

I just love this body scrub so much that I use it almost everyday.

I highly recommend people to purchase these products if you love having moisturized,smooth and glowing skin that's lightly scented of roses.So do head over to your nearest The Body Shop outlet to get a whiff of these products and decide which one you'd like to purchase for yourself or your loved ones.

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