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Such a surprise to receive it!
I was given this Kose Sekkisei New User Starter Kit in the early month of February and started using it for more than two weeks back.This review of mine is very honest and I took the time to really test this trial kit as I want to see that change that it will do to my complexion.
The tagline for the trial kit is "Glow From Within".So my goal for my two weeks review was to see if there's any significant changes on my face and does it really makes me "glow"?

But before we start with my review,I would like to thank Kose and The Butterfly Project for giving me this Sekkisei kit!

I super love the way that Kose package the Sekkisei kit for us bloggers to review with.They really put the extra effort and it was so cute when I opened the box and the heart balloon pops up!

They also had this image of a kawaii girl wearing a kimono on the box.The girl's name is Setsuko and her name means "little snow".How appropriate! The Japanese really puts attention to details.I love it!

The Kose Sekkisei New User Starter Kit retails at RM99 and it contains 5 items which are stated above.The kit does come with a plastic pouch that has a clear front,with a image of Setsuko on it..which you can reuse as a makeup bag later!

I'll list the products one by one below with my review on each of them.I would also like to mention that I have combination skin and it's quite sensitive as well.

1.Sekkisei White Liquid Wash ( 20 ml)

This is the facial wash in this range.The way I use it is that,I wet my hands and then apply two pumps of it on my palm and then work it into a lather before I put it on my face.

I love how after I use it,it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight.It just makes it feel clean and soft.

I use this twice a day,morning and night.I have still quite a bit of it after two weeks but I think the 20ml bottle will last up to one month of usage.

If you're the kind of person who only washes your face at night and only use water in the morning,then you could stretch it for a few more weeks of usage.

2.Sekkisei Lotion (100 ml)

This is like the facial water/toner in the kit and I use it like how I'd use any other facial toner that I've used before.I pour a few drops of it on a cotton pad and gently pat my face with it.

It's suppose to enhance your skin translucency and clarity.I think it does a great job in doing so.It's also quite refreshing to use after you've washed your face.

3.Sekkisei Emulsion (70ml)

To me,this is like a face serum/essence compare to normal moisturizer that I've used before.It's a liquid and there's a pump for it which I appreciate as it's more hygienic.
I use a cotton pad to apply as well.I put two pumps of it on the cotton pad and then spread it evenly over my skin.When I use this,I feel like it plumps up my skin and you can definitely feel that it's giving your skin moisture and making it more supple.

I do however,use a little bit of the moisturizer that I already have on top of my skin after I applied this.
After 2 weeks
After two weeks,you can see from the picture above that there's still a lot of products left and I believe that both the lotion and emulsion can last up to 2 months of usage.

4.Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask (10 ml)

I snapchat when I use it for the first time!
The Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask is something that Kose is very well known for and I was so happy that it's in the kit.Basically it's a peel off mask and you use it right after you've wash your face using the Sekkisei White Liquid Wash.

I have to warn you that the mask is quite runny and it comes in a tube.If you use your fingers it'll be really messy as it gets sticky and dry fast in your hands.So what I do is that I use a mask brush (pic below).

I just squeeze the mask on the brush and then use it to spread it around my face.Make sure that you use a substantial amount because if you use only a little bit,it'll be hard to peel it off later.

Second time using it!

Also be careful to not spread the mask on your eyebrow as if you do,you risk of pulling the hairs off with your mask after.Yikes!

I use the mask twice within these two weeks and honestly,I really love this product.It instantly makes my face looks brighter after I use it.I definitely see myself purchasing the full size!

5.Bihadagoyomi Mask (x3)

Opening the mask & applying it.
This mask is really tiny in the kit.It's a tiny capsule that actually contains 3 of the mask and you have to gently open it to unearth the mask.You then soak the mask with Sekkisei Lotion before applying it to your face.I do have to say that it's a bit tiny on my face.hahaha Oh,just like the Clear Whitening Mask,you use this right after you've wash your face.

I leave the mask for 5-10 minutes until it dries before I throw it away.I love it as it's a little bit of pampering that you can do for your skin and it feels refreshing.You can look at the video by Kose on how to apply the mask HERE.

Final verdict:

After using the Kose Sekkisei Trial kit for more than 2 weeks,I can honestly say that I love it!It doesn't make me break out at all.You can see below before I use it on 16th February,my skin looked a bit dull.On 1st of March you can see that my skin looks brighter and there's definitely a glow to it.

Left:Dull skin.Right:Brighter & Glowing
Also,I have a few sun spots on my skin and I can honestly say that after two weeks,the tone of my skin is more even!
Less sun spots and more even toned

At only RM99 for the trial kit,you'll get a lot of products and it's definitely worth it.I definitely recommend girls out there to try the Kose Sekkisei Trial Kit for themselves.You'll love the result!


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