Beauty Review:Elf Blush Palette (Light)

Thursday, April 21, 2016 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

To be honest,I've been skeptical about e.l.f(which stands for eyes.lips.face) makeup products because I don't think the quality is that good because the price is too cheap.haha I've only two products from the brand--the stipple brush(which is very good) and also their baked blusher(which I've since sold on Carousell).But,I've heard great reviews about this particular palette from beauty Youtubers.

Since I don't own that much blushers,I though that this palette would be a great addition to my collection.So I ordered it online,hoping that I made the right purchase.

Let me tell you that it was!I choose the Light palette and I just love the array of colours.There's 4 different blushers.The colours are:pale pink, peachy brown,coral(with a hint of gold glitter) and a deep pink shade.
From top:1,3,4 & 2.

I love all of them except for the deep pink shade as it looks too dark and a bit much on my skin.The formulation is amazing as the price is so cheap.The blushers apply smoothly,they're not patchy,they blend well and the pigmentation is great.You only need a little bit for it to pop on your cheeks

Shade no.1

Eyebrows not on fleek at the moment! :P
This cool toned pink blush looks pretty and subtle on my cheeks.I usually wear coral/peach blush more than pink so this is a nice change.

 Shade no.2

This brown peach blush is my favourite.On the pan it looks brown but when you apply it,the peach tone comes out beautifully.This definitely will warm up your complexion and I can see myself reaching for this shade for everyday use.

Shade no.3
Ignore the fact that I was looking not at the camera!haha

This is my least favourite shade because it's tooo dark on me.Mine you,the picture above is with only one layer of it.I guess if I blend it to death it'll look good on me.haha But I wanted to show you how the shade looks like on my face with no blending.I just apply all the blushers on my cheek like I'd do normally with my other blushers.

Shade no.4

This is my favourite shade of blush in the palette.It's a very pretty deep coral shade that will look good on a lot of different skintone. It's the only shade that has a bit of glitter in it(gold) but it doesn't appear on my skin because it's so little and sparse.I love how it brightens up my complexion.Like the no.2 colour,I'd reach for this shade the most as well.

I use my Sigma F10 brush to apply all of the blushers and it goes on beautifully.The staying power is awesome as well.I've used the palette quite a few times now and they do last long on my cheeks.It's such a great buy as it's only USD 6 (but I got it for RM46 as that included shipping)!I actually really want to try their contour palette and the illuminating palette.Will review them here if I get my hands on them.


A lovely stay at The Royale Chulan KL

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Back on 31st Dec 2015-2nd Jan 2016,my husband and I spent 3 days and 2 nights at The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur for our New Years + first wedding anniversary celebration(our wedding was on 1/1/ the date.Easy to remember haha).

Despite being together as a couple for 4 years prior to our marriage,we have never celebrated new years together watching fireworks etc.So my husband suggested that we stayed in Bukit Bintang as it's walking distance to a lot of places.

Our stay there wasn't sponsored by the hotel at all but I just thought that I would write about their exceptional service and why they certainly deserve the 5 star hotel ranking.

Originally we booked for only 1 night stay but due to the great service and how comfy and spacious our room was,we ended up booking another additional night.It was even easy for me to extend our stay as the staff there was so accommodating and helpful.Everybody smiled at us whenever they greet us..even those we passed on the hallway.I loved that!

Add caption
bubble bath!
Oh,we did went to the spa there (Telaga Bunga Spa) first in the morning before we checked in and the service was impeccable as well.It was very beautiful and well-maintaned.
the huge bed

But in this blogpost I would just concentrate about our stay there and what I loved about the hotel.
the little things
As it was our first wedding anniversary,I did mention that to the hotel while I was making my booking.I didn't expect them to do anything more than give us maybe some welcome fruit and such.

But we were truly surprised when we entered our hotel room and realized that we were upgraded from the Deluxe Room to the Executive Suite.That was so nice of them to surprised us with it!

For new year's eve dinner we went to China Treasures at Sime Darby Convention Center.The food was delicious and the portion was huge for two people.haha But we somehow managed to finish it.

Razin's eldest sister and her family came to the hotel while we were out for dinner and my nieces had fun swimming in the pool and then bathe in the bath tub.They're so cuteeee!

Oh,I left one of the room key with the front desk people so that they could pass it to Nana while we were out and they had no problem with it at all.
Love that we got to walk in KL to go places.

The hotel was within walking distance to Pavillion and KLCC,so there was no need for us to drive anywhere which was great.One morning we even walked to Levain Boulangerie.It's so quaint and charming..the pastries were lovely as well.

Yummy pastries
Fireworks from the top of the hotel

Right before it was midnight on new year's eve,we went to the top of the hotel to look at the fireworks.It was a first for us watching fireworks together and of course,sharing that new year's kiss at midnight :P

The stay came with breakfast and the breakfast buffet was pretty extensive.There was a lot of food from sushi to putu bambu to roti canai.

For our anniversary,I made a card for my husband..a first actually as I usually just buy one while my husband is the creative one.He of course made a really pretty one with such lovely things written in it and he also folded 500 butterfly origami--because one year wedding anniversary=paper.That's amazing!He did all this in his office at home and hid it from me haha
My husband is so talented!
Of course we gave each other gifts as well.And he surprised me by buying me beauty stuffs--which I love!It was special when he said that he tried quite a number of perfume before he choose the one he wanted for me.And I love it and use it everyday.

Reading the card i made him

Oh,we've also managed to order room service when we stayed there and ordered the burger below.It was yummy and I love that they serve it with a side of sweet relish.
The burger we ordered via room service was good!

Overall,our stay at The Royale Chulan was so lovely that we extended our stay for another night.Great service and the room was so spacious.I would definitely come back to stay here one day.It's great to stay in the city sometimes because we don't really spend much time in KL as we live in Shah Alam although it's not that far.


Beauty review:Sleek MakeUP Solstice Highlighting Palette

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My skin has changed from oily to combination skin about 2 years ago and for the past one year or so,I've dabbled in using highlighters.I didn't before as my skin had a natural "glow" to it.Nowadays my skin isn't so oily anymore.I guess it's because I've find the right skincare routine for my complexion and I've also been drinking a lot more water.

I've purchased quite a few highlighting powder/palettes in recent months but I've to say that this one from Sleek MakeUP is the most intense and beautiful one.I bought this online from UK and sadly it's not available here yet although does carry Sleek MakeUP.

Love the pretty gold packaging!
I saw this palette being reviewed by a LOT of my favourite beauty Youtubers like Kathleen Lights,Tati and Jaclyn Hill.So I had to get my hands on it and I've to say that I love it.I sold all of my other highlighters on Carousell(@nurliyana.hanim) and just kept this particular one.

The palette consists of 3 powder highlighters and one cream highlighter.From the picture above,the cream one is Ecliptic.The most intense one is Hemisphere.Although the shade is lavender(which I was skeptical about before I purchased the palette),once you apply it on your cheekbones and blend it in,it'll look amazinggggg.

My sister in law Maisara who's also a makeup artist,played around with this palette of mine and said that it's amazing and it's much better than Nars Copacabana.She borrowed it from me to use on her client today and the result was awesome.She already ordered it online from UK but it'll take 2 weeks for it to arrive.

I bought this palette for rm60 which is such a steal!Because I bought it directly from UK and not via any instagram seller hence the price is the same as the original price--GBP 10.For the quality,the price is amazing!

You can see the swatches on my arm on how pigmented all of the highlighters in the palette.The best thing is that they're also so smooth,blendable,doesn't appear patchy on the skin and have longevity.

Behind the box it's stated how you can use each shade on different parts of your face.
Behind the box
But of course you don't have to follow it and just use it however you want.
Left:No highlighter.Right:With the solstice palette.(yes I cut my hair!)
You can see from the picture above,the before and after I used the palette.On the right,my complexion looks more glowing and healthy.I used the palette to highlight the inner corner of my eyes, cupid bow,cheekbones and the bridge of my nose.I used it on my brow bone as well but only a subtle amount.

I was very light handed with the palette, but if you want your face to glow even more,you can certainly use more of it.Just remember to blend it well!Overall I must say that this palette is a really great buy as you get a lot of product for the price and the quality is comparable to all the high end highlighters out there.

I just love it to bits!So if you have a chance to purchase it,I suggest that you do so.


Birthdays galore:My husband,my mama and my ibu.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

It's already April and to be honest..I didn't feel like blogging much though there's actually a lot of content that I can blog about.If you follow me on instagram,twitter or snapchat..username: liyanahanim, you'd knew that my life is going great.

Last month was a bit tough on me of course but I'm moving on and I know that Allah has a better plan for my husband and I.

I thought that for my first blogpost for April,I'd blog about birthdays!From Dec until this has been filled with birthdays!I thought that I'd share three of them.

My husband's birthday fell on the 23rd of February and during that time I was already on medical leave and had to get a lot rest(bedrest).So,going out wasn't even an option to find presents even cake or food for my husband's birthday.But thankfully,everything can be purchased online nowadays.

I've also ordered his birthday gift a month before from US.It was a backpack from Incase,the no.1 backpack in the world..something that he has talked to me about buying for a long time but never did.

I managed to order his yummy butterscotch walnut birthday cake from this homebaker and I've eaten the cake before and it was sooo good.I also ordered macarons from petiteblanc and pizzas from WOP.All of them were delivered to the house a few mins before his birthday dinner at the house with our family members.

I also managed to whip up some spaghetti,salad,garlic bread and such.So although I didn't manage to go out of the house,I did manage to give my husband a birthday dinner.I'm proud of myself for being able to do that hahaha

My mama's birthday falls on 8th of April while my ibu(Razin's mum) falls on 11th of April.
This year my mama is 53 years old while ibu is 60 years old.

For mama,I baked her favourite cake..a victoria sponge.But since strawberries were hard to find..husband suggested that we buy mangoes and decorate them on top like a flower..which he saw on the internet.He actually cut the mangoes and arrange them on the cake.So cuteee!

I also bought some of mama's favourite flowers and made a bouquet out of it.Glad that she loves them both!

She didn't want me to take pictures of her that night on her birthday when I came to visit so here are pictures of the cake & bouquet of flowers instead.

For ibu's 60th birthday,Nana(my sister in law) wanted to do a surprise birthday party and the theme was black&gold.I baked some desserts for the party--brownies(with an edible gold dust on top),mini mango cheesetarts and chocolate cupcakes.

Ibu was so surprised and she didn't expect it all.It was a great night and there's a lot of funny stories because of the things that my husband's siblings had to do in order to hide the surprise party from her.Even I had to fib a little bit!haha

There's a lot of other things that I want to blog about so this month hopefully you'll get more blog entries from me!