Beauty Review:Elf Blush Palette (Light)

Thursday, April 21, 2016 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

To be honest,I've been skeptical about e.l.f(which stands for eyes.lips.face) makeup products because I don't think the quality is that good because the price is too cheap.haha I've only two products from the brand--the stipple brush(which is very good) and also their baked blusher(which I've since sold on Carousell).But,I've heard great reviews about this particular palette from beauty Youtubers.

Since I don't own that much blushers,I though that this palette would be a great addition to my collection.So I ordered it online,hoping that I made the right purchase.

Let me tell you that it was!I choose the Light palette and I just love the array of colours.There's 4 different blushers.The colours are:pale pink, peachy brown,coral(with a hint of gold glitter) and a deep pink shade.
From top:1,3,4 & 2.

I love all of them except for the deep pink shade as it looks too dark and a bit much on my skin.The formulation is amazing as the price is so cheap.The blushers apply smoothly,they're not patchy,they blend well and the pigmentation is great.You only need a little bit for it to pop on your cheeks

Shade no.1

Eyebrows not on fleek at the moment! :P
This cool toned pink blush looks pretty and subtle on my cheeks.I usually wear coral/peach blush more than pink so this is a nice change.

 Shade no.2

This brown peach blush is my favourite.On the pan it looks brown but when you apply it,the peach tone comes out beautifully.This definitely will warm up your complexion and I can see myself reaching for this shade for everyday use.

Shade no.3
Ignore the fact that I was looking not at the camera!haha

This is my least favourite shade because it's tooo dark on me.Mine you,the picture above is with only one layer of it.I guess if I blend it to death it'll look good on me.haha But I wanted to show you how the shade looks like on my face with no blending.I just apply all the blushers on my cheek like I'd do normally with my other blushers.

Shade no.4

This is my favourite shade of blush in the palette.It's a very pretty deep coral shade that will look good on a lot of different skintone. It's the only shade that has a bit of glitter in it(gold) but it doesn't appear on my skin because it's so little and sparse.I love how it brightens up my complexion.Like the no.2 colour,I'd reach for this shade the most as well.

I use my Sigma F10 brush to apply all of the blushers and it goes on beautifully.The staying power is awesome as well.I've used the palette quite a few times now and they do last long on my cheeks.It's such a great buy as it's only USD 6 (but I got it for RM46 as that included shipping)!I actually really want to try their contour palette and the illuminating palette.Will review them here if I get my hands on them.