Beauty review:Sleek MakeUP Solstice Highlighting Palette

Thursday, April 14, 2016 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

My skin has changed from oily to combination skin about 2 years ago and for the past one year or so,I've dabbled in using highlighters.I didn't before as my skin had a natural "glow" to it.Nowadays my skin isn't so oily anymore.I guess it's because I've find the right skincare routine for my complexion and I've also been drinking a lot more water.

I've purchased quite a few highlighting powder/palettes in recent months but I've to say that this one from Sleek MakeUP is the most intense and beautiful one.I bought this online from UK and sadly it's not available here yet although does carry Sleek MakeUP.

Love the pretty gold packaging!
I saw this palette being reviewed by a LOT of my favourite beauty Youtubers like Kathleen Lights,Tati and Jaclyn Hill.So I had to get my hands on it and I've to say that I love it.I sold all of my other highlighters on Carousell(@nurliyana.hanim) and just kept this particular one.

The palette consists of 3 powder highlighters and one cream highlighter.From the picture above,the cream one is Ecliptic.The most intense one is Hemisphere.Although the shade is lavender(which I was skeptical about before I purchased the palette),once you apply it on your cheekbones and blend it in,it'll look amazinggggg.

My sister in law Maisara who's also a makeup artist,played around with this palette of mine and said that it's amazing and it's much better than Nars Copacabana.She borrowed it from me to use on her client today and the result was awesome.She already ordered it online from UK but it'll take 2 weeks for it to arrive.

I bought this palette for rm60 which is such a steal!Because I bought it directly from UK and not via any instagram seller hence the price is the same as the original price--GBP 10.For the quality,the price is amazing!

You can see the swatches on my arm on how pigmented all of the highlighters in the palette.The best thing is that they're also so smooth,blendable,doesn't appear patchy on the skin and have longevity.

Behind the box it's stated how you can use each shade on different parts of your face.
Behind the box
But of course you don't have to follow it and just use it however you want.
Left:No highlighter.Right:With the solstice palette.(yes I cut my hair!)
You can see from the picture above,the before and after I used the palette.On the right,my complexion looks more glowing and healthy.I used the palette to highlight the inner corner of my eyes, cupid bow,cheekbones and the bridge of my nose.I used it on my brow bone as well but only a subtle amount.

I was very light handed with the palette, but if you want your face to glow even more,you can certainly use more of it.Just remember to blend it well!Overall I must say that this palette is a really great buy as you get a lot of product for the price and the quality is comparable to all the high end highlighters out there.

I just love it to bits!So if you have a chance to purchase it,I suggest that you do so.


Melissa Mah said...

Assalamualaikum liyana, you reminded me of Jaclyn's snap chat the other day when she used one of the Sleeks highlighter and I was like wow... It looked like she had spotlight on her cheeks.. Every angle she move, the highlighter was glowing... 😁