Korean beauty products review part 2:Etude House and Heroine Make.

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So..I said I was going to do this blog post yesterday but because I was busy catering food for a birthday party,went out after and then watched a movie after dinner,I totally forgot to click the publish button!Ooops.But here you go,the second half of my Korean beauty products review!

Continuing from my previous post on my Korean beauty products review,here are three more items.Two from Etude House and one from Heroine Make.

4.Etude House Cute Eyes Maker

This one intrigued me when I saw it on that Buzzfeed Ladylike video.But I bought it anyway because it was cheap and I was curious on how it'd look on me.Suprisingly..it does makes your eyes appear more awake.I'm not really sure if it makes my eyes look bigger though.

It's pretty easy enough to use,just follow Step 1 and Step 2.

Left:Using the Cute Eyes Maker
You can see from the picture above that my left under eye looks more awake and my eye bags have pretty much disappear! I guess it does diffuses the light and makes your eyes look bigger.I love it.

But to be honest,it's not exactly a must have beauty product as you can use your concealer..but it's fun!

5.Heroine Make Mascara Remover

I actually bought makeup from Heroine Make years back and love their liquid eyeliner.But then when you're exposed to Kat Von D and Moonshot liquid eyeliner,you tend to forgot about it.

I've bought this one for quite sometime when I saw it at Sasa and only recently started to really use it.Because not all of my mascaras are waterproof but recently I've been using three mascaras(alternately) that are all waterproof.

This mascara remover makes it soo easy to remove any of your waterproof mascaras.I find with waterproof mascaras,it only works if you use oil based makeup remover,like the blue bottled one which my husband got me from Sephora.

Even my Bioderma,makeup wipes or TonyMoly sherbet cleanser have a hard time in removing my waterproof mascaras.With this one,you just apply it like you would a mascara,then you use a tissue/cotton pad and wipe your mascara off a few times.Super easy,not messy and easy to bring if you're travelling.

.6Etude House Tint My Brows Gel
This eyebrow tint gel was actually recommended to me by my sister in law who bought and used it first and she showed me Tina Yong's vid..Then I saw it being reviewed by Youtubers such as Tati(glamlifeguru) and Michelle Phan..suddenly it's everywhere.

After my sis in law used it and it looks good on her,I thought..okay,i'll buy it.I bought it in the shade #3 gray brown as it's the closest to my natural brow colour.

I was a bit scared about it at first though. haha My sis in law said that it lasts for 2 weeks on her.But that's if you avoid putting any facial wash/soap near your eyebrow for the first 24 hours..which I forgot to do many times and also because I've combination skin..it doesn't last as long on me,as my sister in law has normal skin.

I've used this five times so far.I've let it stayed on from two hours and i've even slept with it to get a more intense look.But once, it was too intense!Luckily, you can use your makeup remover to tone it down.
thicker eyebrows!

It's really easy to use..you just draw it on your eyebrows and depending on how thick you want your eyebrows to look like.If you made any mistake,just clean it using a cotton bud.Let it dry for 2 hours or overnight and then just roll it/peel it off from your eyebrow.
Amazing right?
You can look at the pictures above and see how thick my eyebrows look after using the gel.I've nooo idea why the far left pic(above) made my skin looks so yellow..I've tried to edit it to no avail.Must be the sun.As the pictures above was taken in the span of two hours(I let the gel dry and then peel it off after two hours to show the effect).

I actually love how it makes my eyebrow looks a lot thicker,natural and it saves you a lottt of time in drawing your eyebrows.The downside is that it's not that long lasting on me..but that's a good thing as well I guess.

I definitely see myself repurchasing this one item compared to all the others listed in this and the previous blogpost as i've used up a lot of it already.

Hope you like my two blog entries on Korean beauty products and would try them on for yourself soon.Let me know in the comments if you've tried the ones I've mentioned here or in the new blogpost!


Korean beauty products review part 1:Nakeup Face,3CE and Innisfree

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Korean beauty products have so many fans around the world and I'm one of them.Aside from skincare,I also use Korean makeup stuffs.So I thought that I'd make a blogpost about some of the Korean beauty stuffs that I've been using for the last couple of months.

You can also refer to my past blogposts about Korean stuffs:

I have to admit that from the items below,three of them were bought from Youtube recommendation.Specifically the two videos below.

The korean makeup haul!
1.Nakeup Face Eyegloss

Look at that shine!
I bought this in the shade Nude Glow.I saw this being reviewed on Buzzfeed's Ladylike video and I was like..I have to get that and so I did.It's my first time buying an eye gloss..but weird enough,I have put gloss on my eyes years before to get that wet eyeshadow look.

Firstly,the name is a bit..weird.Nakeup Face?Just change the alphabet M to N..so Nakeup instead of Makeup.hahaha
Nude Glow on my eyelids + Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear on the crease

I actually love this eye gloss!It's so pigmented,it lasts a long time,doesn't crease and it's stunning.It's a bit much for daytime but for night time..especially for date night or a special occasion,it's beautiful.

It's so easy to apply as well..you just use the doe foot applicator and then let it dry on your lids or you can blend it using your fingers.Let it dry and then apply another layer.

I'd pair it with a brick brown eyeshadow(like Makeup Geek's Cocoa Bear) in the crease and it'll look so beautiful!

You can maybe use this as a highlighter as well.

2.3CE Glam Cream Shadow
So pretty!
This is actually the second item I bought from 3CE..I bought their shimmer stick(didn't love it and sold it of to my friend) first.I bought this cream eyeshadow in the shade Glamorous.

It's a bronze with gold flecks in it..very very beautiful.This lasts a longgg time on my eyelids as well.Just like the Nakeup Face eye gloss,there's no need for an eye primer with this one.You can use your fingertips but I prefer an eyeshadow brush to get a more precise application.

Honestly with this one,you don't need to pair it with any other eyeshadow as it's beautiful on its own.You can use it on your under eye area as well and smoked it up.

3.Innisfree Ultrafine Browcara

I loveee this eyebrow mascara!The small brush makes it so much easier to apply compared to all the other eyebrow mascara out there.I have it in two different colours as the first one was too light for me(though it matched my previous haircolor).

I've no complain about this and I'll definitely repurchase them.It's great when you don't have much time to draw on your eyebrows,you just brush it using this browcara and be on your way.

Tomorrow i'll post the Part 2 for this blogpost where i'll review two items from Etude House and one from Heroine Make.


A wedding,birthdays and Mother's day.

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Although I do have quite a lot of content to blog about..I feel a bit meh about blogging nowadays and I don't know why.There's been so many things to do lately that I feel like blogging would take too much time away from my day as I do think too much about what I want to write rather than just writing whatever I want to.

My last blog entry was on 21 April and it's already the second week of May which means that I haven't blog in TWO WEEKS!

In my defense,there's been sooo many things happening in my life.

My husband's cousin got married and our family were in charge over some of the things for the wedding and it was a full weekend!Pictures of the akad nikah (23/4) and reception (24/4) are below.I was in charge to oversee the food for the wedding and hubs helped with the setting up of the hall etc.
The reception

The akad nikah in a mosque 

My dad&father in law singing together at the wedding!
Everybody on my father in law's side of the family

And during the long Labour Day weekend,we celebrated my father in law and my brother in law's birthday.I prepared the drinks,desserts,picked up their surprise birthday cake and helped my mother in law with the dishes.
Birthday celebration at the backyard of the house

Yummy foods!

Recently it was Mother's Day and we had a big brunch at the house.My father in law's relatives came and brought their own dishes as well as it was a potluck.I baked chicken mushroom pies,red velvet cake and also made drinks(Virgin mojito!).

Some of the food
Red velvet cake!
Happy faces!

My ibu(mother in law)cooked her awesome laksa sarawak.We(hubs,me & ibu)slept at like..2-3am the night before as we were busy cleaning up the house,cooking/baking the food.It was tiring but the happy faces+tummy of everyone on Sunday morning was worth it.

Also,I want to say that I'm sooo incredibly thankful that I have great mummy role models in my life.

My own mama--who's an amazing mum to me(below was my insta pic of us that Sunday morning)and she's such a saint(soo patient,kind,never complains,so positive,always becoming the problem solver for her children).
A rare selfie cos she doesn't like taking pics

My ibu--who's such a great mother in law to me(kind,generous,funny,and so many great things about her).

Nana--my sister in law(she's so kind and helpful..and I get to see her two daughters grow up in front of me).

There's so many other things that I want to blog about--movies+tv series that I've been watching,albums/songs that I'm listening to..what I've been cooking/baking,what new beauty products I've been trying,an updated skincare routine..phewww.Til then,adieu!