A wedding,birthdays and Mother's day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Although I do have quite a lot of content to blog about..I feel a bit meh about blogging nowadays and I don't know why.There's been so many things to do lately that I feel like blogging would take too much time away from my day as I do think too much about what I want to write rather than just writing whatever I want to.

My last blog entry was on 21 April and it's already the second week of May which means that I haven't blog in TWO WEEKS!

In my defense,there's been sooo many things happening in my life.

My husband's cousin got married and our family were in charge over some of the things for the wedding and it was a full weekend!Pictures of the akad nikah (23/4) and reception (24/4) are below.I was in charge to oversee the food for the wedding and hubs helped with the setting up of the hall etc.
The reception

The akad nikah in a mosque 

My dad&father in law singing together at the wedding!
Everybody on my father in law's side of the family

And during the long Labour Day weekend,we celebrated my father in law and my brother in law's birthday.I prepared the drinks,desserts,picked up their surprise birthday cake and helped my mother in law with the dishes.
Birthday celebration at the backyard of the house

Yummy foods!

Recently it was Mother's Day and we had a big brunch at the house.My father in law's relatives came and brought their own dishes as well as it was a potluck.I baked chicken mushroom pies,red velvet cake and also made drinks(Virgin mojito!).

Some of the food
Red velvet cake!
Happy faces!

My ibu(mother in law)cooked her awesome laksa sarawak.We(hubs,me & ibu)slept at like..2-3am the night before as we were busy cleaning up the house,cooking/baking the food.It was tiring but the happy faces+tummy of everyone on Sunday morning was worth it.

Also,I want to say that I'm sooo incredibly thankful that I have great mummy role models in my life.

My own mama--who's an amazing mum to me(below was my insta pic of us that Sunday morning)and she's such a saint(soo patient,kind,never complains,so positive,always becoming the problem solver for her children).
A rare selfie cos she doesn't like taking pics

My ibu--who's such a great mother in law to me(kind,generous,funny,and so many great things about her).

Nana--my sister in law(she's so kind and helpful..and I get to see her two daughters grow up in front of me).

There's so many other things that I want to blog about--movies+tv series that I've been watching,albums/songs that I'm listening to..what I've been cooking/baking,what new beauty products I've been trying,an updated skincare routine..phewww.Til then,adieu!