Korean beauty products review part 1:Nakeup Face,3CE and Innisfree

Friday, May 13, 2016 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Korean beauty products have so many fans around the world and I'm one of them.Aside from skincare,I also use Korean makeup stuffs.So I thought that I'd make a blogpost about some of the Korean beauty stuffs that I've been using for the last couple of months.

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I have to admit that from the items below,three of them were bought from Youtube recommendation.Specifically the two videos below.

The korean makeup haul!
1.Nakeup Face Eyegloss

Look at that shine!
I bought this in the shade Nude Glow.I saw this being reviewed on Buzzfeed's Ladylike video and I was like..I have to get that and so I did.It's my first time buying an eye gloss..but weird enough,I have put gloss on my eyes years before to get that wet eyeshadow look.

Firstly,the name is a bit..weird.Nakeup Face?Just change the alphabet M to N..so Nakeup instead of Makeup.hahaha
Nude Glow on my eyelids + Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear on the crease

I actually love this eye gloss!It's so pigmented,it lasts a long time,doesn't crease and it's stunning.It's a bit much for daytime but for night time..especially for date night or a special occasion,it's beautiful.

It's so easy to apply as well..you just use the doe foot applicator and then let it dry on your lids or you can blend it using your fingers.Let it dry and then apply another layer.

I'd pair it with a brick brown eyeshadow(like Makeup Geek's Cocoa Bear) in the crease and it'll look so beautiful!

You can maybe use this as a highlighter as well.

2.3CE Glam Cream Shadow
So pretty!
This is actually the second item I bought from 3CE..I bought their shimmer stick(didn't love it and sold it of to my friend) first.I bought this cream eyeshadow in the shade Glamorous.

It's a bronze with gold flecks in it..very very beautiful.This lasts a longgg time on my eyelids as well.Just like the Nakeup Face eye gloss,there's no need for an eye primer with this one.You can use your fingertips but I prefer an eyeshadow brush to get a more precise application.

Honestly with this one,you don't need to pair it with any other eyeshadow as it's beautiful on its own.You can use it on your under eye area as well and smoked it up.

3.Innisfree Ultrafine Browcara

I loveee this eyebrow mascara!The small brush makes it so much easier to apply compared to all the other eyebrow mascara out there.I have it in two different colours as the first one was too light for me(though it matched my previous haircolor).

I've no complain about this and I'll definitely repurchase them.It's great when you don't have much time to draw on your eyebrows,you just brush it using this browcara and be on your way.

Tomorrow i'll post the Part 2 for this blogpost where i'll review two items from Etude House and one from Heroine Make.