Fame Soft Matte Lip Cream reviews:Gossip and Violet.

Friday, June 10, 2016 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Can't believe that it's June already!Salam Ramadhan!Hope all of you are having a great fasting month so far.

I've been slacking on blogging because I've been back to work.Let me start the month by reviewing something that I love...matte liquid lipsticks.I've sooo many of them from different brands that I've no time to blog about them..instead I just keep buying them.haha.

Anyway,I've been skeptical about local beauty products for so long until I tried brands such as Safi Balqis(I've used their diamond cream something2 haha) and of course Silky Girl(not all of their products,just some are good).

But today I will not be talking about them.Today i'll be talking about a local liquid lipstick brand that's quite well-known nowadays.I came to know about them from my sister in law,who's a freelance makeup artist.

I was given two of their latest shade of liquid lipsticks Gossip and Violet for me to test out and review.

From my first impression,I like their simple packaging.The doe foot applicator is the perfect size to apply the liquid lipstick on my lips.Also,the liquid lipsticks smells like strawberries and cream lollipop!
When I swatched them,you can see how pigmented they are.One swipe is all you need to apply the liquid lipstick and I love that.Also the texture is in between a mousse-y type of liquid lipstick(like Ofra) and a liquid-y type(like LA Girl).The formula of the Fame liquid lipstick makes it so easy to apply on your lips to get a precise and clean application.

I do love these but there's one downside about them..they do dry completely matte BUT,it takes awhile for it to dry.So you have to wait for it to dry and try not to smack your lips while they're drying.

They dry completely matte and doesn't transfer.It doesn't dry out my lips and it doesn't crack or emphasize any fine lines.It feels comfortable and like you're not wearing anything on your lips!I love it!

Other than that,with the price point of these liquid lipsticks,I don't see why you girls out there shouldn't buy them!They come in so many colours and would go well for your makeup look for Raya,or for any day for that matter.Surprisingly,with the amount of coral liquid lipsticks that I have in my collection,I actually prefer Violet over Gossip.I love the color and it's great for everyday.

So if you want to purchase these awesome liquid lipsticks and support our local products,click on the link below!


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Hi, how long lasting are these?