Warm gold raya makeup look(Althea's Eid Collection)

Monday, June 20, 2016 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Hi my dear readers!Today is the day of the reckoning...hahaha.Actually the video has been live since this morning. :P

It's my first time ever..making a Youtube video.A makeup tutorial video at that.I don't feel that I'm that good in doing makeup,it's more for myself more than anything as I love buying and trying new makeup products.

When Althea approached me for this idea,I was like..why not? I've been meaning to do a video but was a bit daunted by it. I finally bite the bullet and did it after 8 years of blogging!

Some of the things that I learned from making my own makeup tutorial video was that:

1)In the video,I've already put on my base but apparently you need to put on a lotttt. I thought that my foundation and concealer was already pretty thick but looking at the video... it's..not!!As you can still some of the zits and eyebags that I have.*Cries* Oh well,will improve next time!

2)Editing a video takes a longggg time.It can take a whole day sometime(depending on how busy your day is).But Final Cut Pro X makes it quite simple actually. It's just that when you have 20 mins worth of footage, you have to cut it and that will take some time.But after I've done it,I felt so relieved!

3)I need a better background.This background was basically the curtains on my canopy bed.haha.

4)Also,I need to stop covering my face too much while I'm doing my makeup.

Besides all of the above,it was actually quite enjoyable.Who knows maybe I'll do a June favourites video soon?

Meanwhile,enjoy my Warm Gold Raya Makeup Look!I love the combination of brown eyeshadow and gold pigment.It's very simple and suits a lot of different skin tone. Althea is one of my favourite website to buy beauty products from and they have great prices & fast shipping. I've purchase items from them quite a number of times and they never disappoint!

Yes there's a typo in the video..I thought I typed in "undereye" and not "underage".FML.Oh well. 

The products from Althea's Glam Eid Collection that I used(all of them are under rm50!):

1 . http://my.althea.kr/selfie-fix-pigment

I love these as they're so pigmented but they do have quite a bit of fall out..hence why I "baked" my undereye in the video.

2. http://my.althea.kr/popo-lipstick

This lipstick is inexpensive and it's so creamy. They have such a wide range of colours and I love the one that I choose as it's a warm orange red.

3. http://my.althea.kr/love-me-blusher

Again, Witch's Pouch is a great Korean beauty brand. This blusher is huge and it also comes with its own brush but I didn't use it though. But the brush is definitely better than a lot of blush compact brushes.

4. http://my.althea.kr/jewel-light-water...

This eyeliner applies so smoothly and I just love it!!

5. http://my.althea.kr/etude-house-dr-ma...

This is an eyelash primer that you apply before you put on mascara to boost it even further. It's really awesome especially for your less than great mascara as it'll improve the formula.

6. http://my.althea.kr/saemmul-browcara

Although the brush of this eyebrow mascara/browcara is pretty huge, it did a really good job in thickening my eyebrows. Definitely something that you can use real quick when you don't have the time to draw your eyebrows.

Again,to remind you that in the video,I've already done my base so I just focus on everything else on my face. As it was my first time,even without doing my base in the video, the footage I took was 19 minutes! I manage to shorten it to 4 minutes. Phewwww.

The brushes that I use in the video:

1) Zoeva 109 Luxe Face Paint

I have had this for a longgg time and I use it for contour. It's amazing.

2) Sigma F10 Powder/Blush brush

I loveee this brush and I use it everytime I want to apply blusher on my face. I've had it for quite some time as well.

3) Real Techniques Setting Brush

I use this brush to apply highlighter as it's the perfect size for it. I just love it. The first proper set of brushes that I got was Real Techniques and it's been..5 years ( they were first sold in 2011!) and I still have them.

4) Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I actually bought this sponge because my Beauty Blender got a lot of ink stain on it (accidentally) and I wanted to find a cheaper version but still does a great job. This sponge is amazing and I actually love it more than the BB because of the shape of it. I've bought two of this and they're just really great.

5) Real Techniques Ultimate Eye Set

I love this for my eyes as well. I use two of the brushes in the video but I can't remember their names. haha.

Hope that you somewhat enjoyed my video! haha