Birthday dinner at Nadodi

Sunday, July 02, 2017 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I'm that person who loves to cook/bake,eat, buy cookbooks, and watch numerous cooking/food related tv shows. One of my favourite show on Netflix is Chef's Table.There's three seasons of the show now on Netflix and each episode is amazing.

In each episode they showcase a chef and his/hers they became what they are today. Most of these restaurants have Michelin stars or are on the list of the best restaurant in the world..or just some random person who makes incredible food (that's the case with episode about a budhhist monk).

For my birthday this year, my husband surprised me by bringing me to dinner at Nadodi. He reserved a table a month and a half before as it's by reservation only. He wanted us to experience what a fine dining meal is. We were served 12 courses and we chose two different menus (they only have two menu) so that we were able to taste all of their dishes.

The meaning of the word Nadodi is a wanderer/nomad, which is why at Nadodi, they serve you a journey through Southern Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine.They only opened recently in March and is very new.

I didn't know what to expect at first, but the experience left us in awe and it was mind blowing. I even told Ashkar(their Head of Operation, who was very friendly and accommodating) that I hope Nadodi will get a Michelin star one day. Thailand and Singapore already has it! :P

Pictured below is the two different journey that we chose. Ours was without wine pairing of course.haha My husband's journey is the Nadodi Journey 2.0 (RM 360++)--a new menu from them  while mine was the original Nadodi Journey (RM 430++).

My Nadodi Journey
Husband's Nadodi Journey

From the other reviews of Nadodi that I've seen online, they are constantly changing their menu which makes for an exciting experience!

Pictures from my Nadodi Journey:

The yellow sauce on top is also a favorite of mine. It's lobster truffe sodhi..sooo delicious!

Pictures from my husband's Nadodi Journey 2.0:

One of my dish was called Red Meat. And the meat was lamb(my least favourite protein by the way). I'm not a fan of lamb at all but they changed my mind. It was the softest, melt in your mouth piece of meat that i've ever tasted in my life. My husband also said that the meal at Nadodi definitely will spoil our meal at any other place. haha. They've created a benchmark for all the other fine dining restaurants out there.

Another dish named Red Kari which is made from beets and I was quite scared of it because I've had a bad experience before eating a vegetarian burger made out of beetroot(it tasted horrible!). BUT, surprisingly, I like this dish! It was delicious and refreshing.

I have so many favorites from our meal at Nadodi but I wouldn't want to give much away to the people out there who have yet to go there.

As it was my birthday dinner, they gave us a special plate of dessert which consists of three types of Valhorna chocolate mousse, crushed pistachios,some kind of biscuit and also lavender sugar. It was delicious!
Birthday dessert!

The service was just really good. Each of our dish was presented and explained by a different person from Nadodi..from the chef to the waitress,to Ashkar himself as well. I also love the dish ware that they used for each of our course..some of my favorites, pictured below. 

For a special occasion, one must try it once and have a great dining experience at Nadodi.
The price paid is worth every penny! Though I can say that because my husband paid for mine :P